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Almost nobody visits this page, so consider yourself special :). In addition to the organizations listed here, we would like to thank everyone on the Nmap credits page.

  • The Insecure.Org eye logo was designed by Vlad Alexa Mancini (see NextDesign.Eu.Org and AlexaMancini.com).
  • Many of the exploits from exploit world were culled from Bugtraq. I would also like to thank the people who found and disclosed these vulnerabilities.
  • Larry Wall for creating the Perl language which was used for the scripts that drive exploit world (You didn't think I did all that by hand did you??). This would have been much more of a pain in C.
  • The people who have written all the wonderful free software used to produce this site. the GIMP was used to create the graphics. The server itself is running Redhat Linux. And of course the web server being used is Apache.
  • Certain navigation buttons came from AAA-Buttons.Com
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