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Warning: This page is completely unmaintained and out of date. Check the links on the left sidebar for more current information.

Unlike a lot of pages, I am not going to try and put every crappy site I can find here. I am only putting those which I have found to be very useful over time. At least they must be somewhat interesting (to me). If you want links to every hacker and their grandma, try Spaf's Hotlist, which has recently been improved. I would be happy to add quality sites if anyone wants to write and suggest them. These are in no particular order.

  • Good reading -- My "good reading" page contains links to a number of interesting individual works, papers, and even online books.
  • Textfiles.com -- Do you remember the BBS era? Calling up the hottest boards and spending all night reading/posting messages, browsing T-philes, and exchanging useless warez as if it was currency? Well Jason Scott has commemorated those times with his enormous archive of old text files (mostly from the 80's). If you still don't understand the purpose, perhaps you should read his statement.
  • The NSA rainbow series -- A number of useful documents, including the famous Orange book, otherwise kown as "Department Of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria". They have a lot of other great documents as well.
  • The Linux Documentation Project . A tremendous resource full of useful information on hundreds of Linux-related topics. This site contains many user contributed books, howtos, mini-howtos, FAQs, etc. Every Linux user should have this site (in particular the Howto Index as one of their Netscape bookmarks.
  • Phrack --If you haven't read the latest Phrack, you are really missing out. It is the best, and by far the longest running hacker zine out there. Also check out my OS fingerprinting article from Phrack 54 or my port scanning article from Phrack 52.
  • Securityfocus.com -- An excellent (commercial) site run by Aleph1 and others. They host Bugtraq (the Internet's most important security list), a vast collection of security tools, and an up-to-date vulnerability database. They also provide timely news.
  • UNIX Socket Programming FAQ --This covers a lot of the common problems that cause days of anguish to network programmers. Argh! If only I had found this BEFORE I stumbled through many of the difficulties covered! Also has other nifty socket programming resources.
  • Etext archives --A huge archive of electronic books, zines, etc.
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