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From marc@eeye.com Thu Jul 13 04:07:58 2000
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 00:48:14 -0700
From: Marc <marc@eeye.com>
To: nmap-hackers@insecure.org
Subject: eEye Digital Security ports nmap to Windows NT

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nmapNT from eEye Digital Security (www.eeye.com)

"If your goal is to understand your network from a 40,000-foot view, then
Windows port scanning tools will suffice. But if you're serious about your
security and looking for the holes that crackers will find, then take the
time to install a Linux box and use nmap." -- Info World

eEye Digital Security seems to have a track record of breaking down the
barriers Windows NT seems to be surrounded with. You no longer need to keep
a Linux box around just to use nmap.

nmap is a the most customizable network scanner ever. It has various options
to perform stealth scans, ping scans, UDP scans, as well as a whole handful
of other scan types.

nmap also has the ability to remotely fingerprint an IP address. Basically
what that means is by sending various queries to a remote IP address, and
reading the responses, nmap can determine if the remote IP address is
running a certain operating system or maybe it is a router or network
printer. In fact, nmap's database of fingerprints has over 500 unique finger
prints in it.

All of the functionality found in the Unix version of nmap can now be taken
advantage of on Windows NT platforms.

nmapNT has just recently been released so there might be a few bugs in it so
we definitely encourage people to eMail nmapnt@eeye.com with any bugs,
fixes, or suggestions.

It was about a year ago today that we released one of the most devastating
NT security holes ever (retina vs. IIS round 2). So to not confuse some of
you we did not take a year to port nmap to NT, we've actually spent the year
working very hard on Retina (eeye.com/retina) and nmap was actually ported
to NT in a mere 2 days by eEye Digital Security programming deity Ryan
Permeh. We mention 2 days, not to brag (although it is cool), but to just
show that it really is not that hard to create great, free, open source
security utilities on the NT platform. The only reason you don't see as many
great tools for NT is because most of the programmers with the ability to
write such great tools are caught up with security companies who are too
much into "making a buck" then giving back to the very community that is
"making them a buck."

Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you!

O wait... you probably want to download the software and source right? Head
over to www.eeye.com then Databases then nmapNT.

Marc Maiffret
Chief Hacking Officer
eCompany / eEye

Going to be at blackhat or defcon? We will be there so look for the guys
with really short hair wearing black t-shirts that poke fun at the NSA. Drop
an eMail to roadtrip@eeye.com if you want to meet to talk shop, business or
just drink insane amounts of tequila.

eEye Digital Security is hiring. If you have a good understanding of socket
programming on Windows NT platforms and are familiar with things like NDIS
then be sure to send us your resume. hr@eeye.com

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