Ascom Timeplex Router Backdoor

Description:You can enter a backdoor 'debug' mode in these routers by sending a bunch of cntrl-d characters to the device.
Author:Brent Huston <bhuston@NETWALK.COM>
Compromise:Change the router setup, this would obviously be bad ;)
Vulnerable Systems:Ascom Timeplex Routers
Date:15 May 1997

Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 16:39:33 -0400
From: Brent Huston <bhuston@NETWALK.COM>
Subject: MicroSolved finds hole in Ascom Timeplex Router Security

An error in Timeplex Routers allows a user to gain unauthorized access to the device through a special 'debug' mode. This mode allows manipulation of the router at the register level, as well as being able to reset the router or deny service. The 'debug' mode can be entered without logging into the router, by sending a number of cntrl-d sequences to the device. The router will then display it's ip address and other information and drop to a debug prompt.

This information could be used to gain further access to a network, or to change the router setup, or deny service. For further information, please contact Ascom.

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