NT 4.0 Stupid default SMB mount permissions

Description:If you have an account on a NT box, you are by default allowed to mount any drive r/w by mounting \\server\c$ (replace 'c' with the drive letter).
Author:Well known, but this post was by Yiorgos Adamopoulos <Y.Adamopoulos@noc.ntua.gr>
Compromise:Mount any NT drive r/w (local)
Vulnerable Systems:NT 4.0 with no service packs, 3.51?
Date:7 April 1997

>     It is known about big hole in NT 4.0 security system
>     that allows for a user without any access permission to mount NT
>     server root directory (disk C:) in r/w mode and to take a
>     complete control over NT system ? I heard only some little

Under 4.0 (no service packs) it is possble to mount drive C: (and any other
drive) R/W if you have a user account.  Note that this is the default
installation and therefore it is not a bug but a missconfiguration:

smbclient '\\ntserver\c$' -U user

should give you the smb> prompt.

Installing SP2 removes these defaults.


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