Buffer overflow in AOL Instant Messenger 1.7.466

Description:Overflow in message <TITLE>. Trivial DOS attack, probably could be exploited for remote access.
Author:Karl Koscher <mrsaturn@TEENCITY.ORG>
Compromise:DOS attack with strong possibility of remotely running arbitrary code.
Vulnerable Systems:People running AOL's Instant Messenger V.1.7.466 or before
Date:20 March 1997

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 17:13:13 -0800
From: Karl Koscher <mrsaturn@TEENCITY.ORG>
Subject: AOL Instant Messenger Bug... AGAIN!

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In the latest version of AOL's Instant Messenger, what appears to be another
buffer overflow bug has been discovered. Anyone with an older client can
send the message <TITLE> to any 1.7.466 user, and the recipient's AOLIM
client will crash. <TITLE> can also be put in your profile, effectivly
crashing AOLIM for people who look at your profile. While it has no effects
on the rest of the system, you may be unable to sign back on to AOLIM.

- Karl

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