Eggdrop set owner vulnerability

Description:Apparently some versions of eggdrop allow people with master access to become owner with .set owner <nick>. You can then do stuff like .tcl exec cat /etc/passwd
Author:-*- Chotaire -*- <chotaire@CHOTAIRE.NET>
Compromise:obtain complete access to account running eggdrop bot (if you have master access already)
Vulnerable Systems:Those running vulnerable versions of eggdrop (an IRC bot)
Date:29 August 1997

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 22:32:33 +0200
From: -*- Chotaire -*- <chotaire@CHOTAIRE.NET>
Subject: Re: Having fun with eggdrop bot

At 19:43 29.08.97 +0200, you wrote:
>> Eggdrops bots can access files all over the system if you're owner and
>> the bot runs with root permissions.
>1) who runs a bot as root?
>2) who gives away owner-access?

I have come across many bots being run as root. So people should look out. 
And in earlier versions of Eggdrop there is one serious bug to become 
OWNER when someone has master access. I will demonstrate on eggdrop 0.9p, 
this bug still works in lotsa newer versions aswell:

.set owner Chotaire
.chattr Chotaire +n

When another owner tries to remove your owner and master access, you will 
still be able to re-"own" yourself unless they have detected you in the 
.set owner variable.

That's it...

Now for FIXING YOUR TCL problem, take a look at this one...


recompile your bot, and that's it... no more problems.


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