/usr/bin/filter NLSPATH buffer overflow

Description:Standard buffer overflow, filter is sometimes setgid mail.
Author:Mikhail Iakovlev <miakovle@SN.NO>. Sploit by "Dmitry E. Kim" <jason@REDLINE.RU>
Compromise:group mail (local)
Vulnerable Systems:Systems with vulnerable /usr/bin/filter setgid mail. Include slackware 3.1, possibly 3.0
Date:6 April 1997

Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 19:48:03 +0200
From: Mikhail Iakovlev 
Subject: Linux - buffer overflow in filter

Hello everyone,
After reading posting of jsn@redline.ru about elm bug which gives gid
mail I just wanted to say some things about /usr/bin/filter program which
is standard in all elm packages under slackware 3.1 (maybe in 3.0 as
well), it is also has suid bit on group mail.With the same parameters as
elm it has buffer overflow.Same exploit posted here by jsn@redline.ru
works just fine.
Credits to jsn.

Best regards,

[Note:  The elm exploit wasn't posted, but is just standard buffer overflow code. Stick in NLSPATH environmental variable.  --Fyodor]

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