HP/UX 10.X /var/tmp/outdata symlink hole

Description:Typical symlink problem
Author:David Hyams <nhyamd@ASCOM.CH>
Compromise:Wipe SAM data to arbitrary files, I don't know what happens with existing files. If you can clobber existing files, you can obviously become root.
Vulnerable Systems:HP/UX 10.X
Date:14 May 1997

Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 13:52:34 +0200
From: David Hyams <nhyamd@ASCOM.CH>
Subject: potential root exploit with help from sam (HP-UX 10.x)

While looking in the /var/tmp directory I noticed a file called "outdata".
After some experiments, I discovered that this file is written to by sam
when the user selects "Networking and Communication" followed by
"Internet Addresses" or "Network Information Service" (and probably others

So, if I make a symbolic link from /var/tmp/outdata to
/.rhosts (say), and wait for the sys-admin to run sam to configure
networking, I can get a /.rhosts file. Admittedly this isn't too
interesting as the file doesn't have the famous "+ +" in it. However,
if your sysadmin happens to have umask set to 0 then you've now got a
world writable /.rhosts file. (This isn't as unusual as it sounds, try an
rlogin to a remote host running HP-UX and check your umask. Chances are
it's 00).

No doubt other bugtraq readers can turn this into a more serious root
exploit - maybe it's possible to get sam to put a "+ +" in /.rhosts .
Or maybe someone can think of some other symbolic links to try.

David Hyams

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