Security hole in iCat Carbo Server 3.0

Description:Another pathetic hole, this one allows people to view any file on the web server (which the web server process owner can view)
Author:Mikael Johansson <Mikael.Johansson@ABC.SE>
Compromise:View files on remote web servers, maybe even filch credit card numbers!
Vulnerable Systems:Those running iCat Carbo Server (ISAPI, Release) Version 3.0.0
Date:8 November 1997

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 11:11:12 +0100
From: Mikael Johansson <Mikael.Johansson@ABC.SE>
Subject: BoS:      Security bug in iCat Suite version 3.0

iCat Carbo Server is a program used to create interactive shopping
catalogs for the www. It was selected by PC Magazine's editors as the
best Web storefront creation software.

I've found a bug in the iCat Carbo Server Version 3.0.0. The bug let's
everyone view any file at a system that is using Carbo (except for files
with some special characters).

See for yourselves...

http request:

http answer:
[iCat Carbo Server (ISAPI, Release) Version 3.0.0 Release Build 244]

Error: (-1007) cannot open file 'C:\web\carbohome\file_to_view.htm'

To view their c:\winnt\win.ini:

As you can imagine this bug is rather dangerous. For example an evil
hacker could steal creditcard information from users that have bought
something at a site using Carbo Server 3.0.0.

Mikael Johansson

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