Microsoft IIs '..' hole

Description:ANOTHER stupid MS '..' bug, this time in their web server.
Author:possibly Thomas Lopatic (
Compromise:Gain unauthorized access to files outside the public html directories.
Vulnerable Systems:Systems running a vulnerable IIs http server, mostly Windows NT boxes.
Date:26 July 1996


From:  Thomas Lopatic (
Date:  Fri, 26 Jul 1996 20:41:13 +0200 

> > and there is another
> >'..' error in their Internet Information Server. Anyone offering more?
> I have yet to see this error in IIS. Where and how does it exist?

Sorry for not disclosing. I thought I had seen that one on bugtraq. Suppose
there is a document '' and 'Index.html' is
'C:\inetsrv\wwwroot\Public\Index.htm'. Then try getting
'' which will give you
'C:\autoexec.bat'. It seems, however, that the first directory ('Public')
will be necessary, i. e. '' won't

But now back to the Unix things.

Thomas Lopatic                     

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