DOS attack on backoffice viewcode.asp

Description:You can leave a host running backoffice in a state of not accepting connections by using<lots more slashes>///
Compromise:DOS attack against web server
Vulnerable Systems:Those running Microsoft Backoffice with viewcode.asp available
Date:14 January 1998

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 18:50:25 -0600
From: Aleph One <aleph1@DFW.DFW.NET>
Subject: MS BackOffice View Source

>From an anonymous contributor:

On a Microsoft Backorifice server you often get the

"View source" - eg on

Unfortunately it appears there are problems with it. Querying

leaves the host in question not accepting connections. Does anyone know if
this is a generic bug in backorifice or purely a fun feature of


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