Another MSIE 4.0 overflow

Description:Standard overflow, this one can almost certainly be exploited by a malicious page to run arbitrary code on a user's system.
Author:Georgi Guninski <>
Compromise:Run arbitrary code on the machines of Windows users connecting to your web page.
Vulnerable Systems:Windows 95/NT running MSIE 4.0. Perhaps even the Solaris version is vulnerable, though I've never seen anyone run it.
Date:20 March 1998

Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 12:09:46 +0200
From: Georgi Guninski <>
Subject: MSIE buffer overrun

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 (don't know for other versions)
can be crashed and eventually made execute arbitrary code
with a little help of the <EMBED> tag.

The following:
<EMBED SRC=file://C|/A.ABOUT_200_CHARACTERS_HERE___________________>
opens a dialog box and closes IE 4.0.
It seems that the long file extension causes stack overrun.

The stack is smashed - full with our values, EIP is also ours and CS=SS.
So probably a string could be constructed, executing code at the
client's machine.

Solution: Do not browse hostile pages.
To try this:

Georgi Guninski

-----------------------cut here and save as
Trying to crash IE 4.0
80                                                                               160                    170                 180                 190          200

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