M$ IIS 3.0 newdsn.exe problem

Description:newdsn.exe under MS IIS 3.0 allows creation of arbitrary files (just names, not contents) in the wwwroot directory tree
Author:Vytis Fedaravicius <vytix@FLOYD.KTU.LT>
Compromise:create bogus files on webservers, it isn't clear if you can overwrite files. A DoS attack at minumum
Vulnerable Systems:Those running Micro$oft IIS v.3.0 with newdsn.exe installed. This includes a number of WinNT machines.
Date:25 September 1997

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 16:15:14 +0300
From: Vytis Fedaravicius <vytix@FLOYD.KTU.LT>
Subject: samples from IIS allows creation of any file

while playing with default installation of Microsoft IIS,  I have
discovered that tool for data source cration, newdsn.exe allows creation
of *.mdb files with any name at any location. Eg. url

will create file evil.html in wwwroot directory.
evil.html in fact is a Microsoft Access Database.
I am sure someone nasty can think of a DOS or even breaking in using this.

Software: MS IIS 3.0 default installation  on WinNT 4.0 server
Solution: delete newdsn.exe :)

Microsoft was not informed about that, if someone wants, please feel free
to forward this e-mail.

Vytis Fedaravicius

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