UNIX Oracle stores "system" account passwords in plaintext

Description:plaintext passwords are stored in $ORACLE_HOME/network/config/sql/add*_net.sql
Author:Markus Fleck <fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de>
Compromise:With these plaintext passwords, database information can be manipulated
Vulnerable Systems:Those running Oracle 7.1, 7.2, and probably earlier versions
Date:24 August 1997
Notes:I like it when people send me security holes like this. I wish it would happen more often! <hint, hint, mail me.

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 02:48:33 +0200
From: Markus Fleck <fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de>
To: fyodor@nmap.org
Subject: Unfilled Exploit: Oracle/UNIX

Oracle problem:

UNIX Oracle 7.1 and 7.2 store install-time "system" account passwords
in $ORACLE_HOME/network/config/sql/add*_net.sql in plain text.
Previous versions of Oracle may also be affected.

Knowledge of the "system" password allows you to manipulate the
database at will.

This is supposedly fixed in 7.3. Oracle didn't find it
necessary to inform customers about it. There are probably
still many <7.3 versions in heavy use. They're all vulnerable
if the password hasn't been changed after installation.


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