Linux sliplogin hole

Description:sliplogin does system() as root w/o clearing environment, so you can do things like set IFS='/'.
Author:David Holland <dholland@hcs.HARVARD.EDU>
Compromise: root (local)
Vulnerable Systems:Any with sliplogin older than 2.1.0, mostly linux systems (many BSD distributions have the program, but it apparently can't be exploited to another error).
Date:16 July 1996


Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 15:27:19 -0500
From: David Holland 
To: Multiple recipients of list BUGTRAQ 
Subject: [linux-security] sliplogin

Anyone running a version of sliplogin older than sliplogin-2.1.0
(which can be gotten from
or should remove it
or upgrade it immediately.

It does

        if (s = system(logincmd)) {

without clearing the environment first. Therefore, anybody can get
root trivially.

The sliplogin from NetKit-B-0.06 is affected.
Current RedHat sliplogin is not affected.
Others I don't know about.

   - David A. Holland          | Number of words in the English language that  | exist because of typos or misreadings: 381

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