Solaris 2.5.1 sdtcm_convert hole

Description:sdtcm_convert is kind enough to watch the permissions of your calendar file and if you change them it will change them back ... even following symlinks ;)
Author:Cristian SCHIPOR (skipo@SUNDY.CS.PUB.RO)
Compromise: root (local)
Vulnerable Systems:Solaris at least 2.5.1
Date:22 February 1996

Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 17:07:23 +0200
From: Cristian SCHIPOR 
Subject: Security hole in Solaris 2.5 (sdtcm_convert) + exploit

Sat Feb 22 15:25:48 EET 1997 Romania

Another hole in Solaris

I have found a security hole in sdtcm_convert on Solaris 2.5.1.
sdtcm_convert - calendar data conversion utility - allows any user to
change the owner for any file (or directory) from the system or gain root
access. The exploit is very simple. Change the permision mode of your calendar
file (callog.YOU) from /var/spool/calendar directory (usual r--rw----) and run
sdtcm_convert. sdtcm_convert 'll observe the change and 'll want  to
correct it (it 'll ask you first). You have only to delete the callog file
and make a symbolic link to a target file and your calendar file and said to
sdtcm_convert 'y' (yes). sdtcm_convert 'll make you the owner of target
file ...
A simple way to correct this is to get out suid_exec bit from

I made an exploit, so you have to extract the text, uudecode it, and exec
a 'tar -xf exploit.tar'. You'll get the files in exploit_dir.

Cristian Schipor - Computer Science Faculty - Bucharest - Romania

Phone: (401) 410.60.88

begin 600 exploit.tar
M             # Q,# V,#  ,# P,#0V,  P,# P-#4W # P,# P,# Q,#(Q
M # V,S S-32YC7!E2AT87)G970L87)G=ELQ72D["@ES=')C<'DH
MPH)"7!E&ET*# I.PH)?0D*"6EF*'!I9#UF;W)K*"D]/3 I"@E["@D)9F]R*&D]
M,#MI/#,P,# P,# P.VDK*RD["@D)=6YL:6YK*'-H:69T*3L*"0ES>6UL:6YK
M;V8H(GE<;B(I*3L*"7T)"0D)"@EE;'-E( H)>PH)"6-L;W-E*# I.PH)"61U

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