Another WinGate hole -- this time with the LogFile service

Description:The WinGate Logfile service basically puts up a web server on port 8010 giving full read access to the victim's hard drive(!)
Author:HKirk <>
Compromise:Remote read access to a Wingate user's hard drive
Vulnerable Systems:Windows users who run Wingate. This program is a huge security hole, a much better (cheaper, more secure, more robust, better performing) solution is to install a Linux gateway with IP masquerading.
Date:29 March 1998

Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 00:29:08 -0500
From: HKirk <>
Subject: Hole.

Exploitable flaw in the New Version of WinGate... The Deerfield company
released this new version to fix previous flaws found by our team...
Keep tryin guys.. and we will keep you on your toes.

The Rhino9 Team
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                         The problem is in the WinGate LogFile service
                         being accessable to anyone by default and poor
                         programming on the part of
                         Deerfield Communications Company.

                         If the LogFile service is not reconfigured after
                         install then any remote user can access the
                         WinGate servers harddrive having readaccess to any
                         file on the same drive as the WinGate

                         WinGate servers that are running the LogFile
                         Service, listen for connections on TCP Port 8010.
                         By opening a HTTP session to this port you will
                         either get a "connection cannot be established" or
                         a listing of directories on the remote drive
                         wingate was installed upon.

                         Under your WinGate "GateKeeper" make sure your
                         LogFile Service Bindings do not allow connections
                         coming in on any interface. Basically as with any
                         WinGate situation, deny access from all IP's
                         except for the
                         trusted IPs on your internal network or possbile
                         remote IPs that you might use to check your system
                         from a remote location.

                         This is the second time that Rhino9 has released
                         an advisory about WinGate. WinGate was recently
                         recoded to stop the "WinGate bounce exploit" and
                         will need to be recoded or patched for this
                         current advisory. We are not knocking WinGate...
                         it is a good product just needs some work. WinGate
                         can be almost unbreakable if you configure it
                         right by only allowing trusted IPs etc...

                         The contents of this advisory are Copyright (c)
                         1998 the Rhino9 security research team, this
                         document may be distributed freely, as long as
                         proper credit is given.


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